About Us

Zieliński – European coach and bus transport

A company specializing in transport and organization of tourist traffic in Poland and abroad. He cooperates with many tourist companies, travel agencies as well as companies from outside the industry. We have vehicles that are safe, comfortable, well-kept, with reduced carbon dioxide emission, which helps to protect the environment and entry the city center. We have the necessary knowledge of the topography of cities throughout Europe, which simplifyevery journey. We are always punctual and bring our customers to the destination. If necessary, our drivers are happy to help.



We offer :

•  Safe and comfortable movement of vehicles with a high standard of equipment

•  Drivers with very high personal culture and nice presence

•  Organization of tour guides and pilots

•  Domestic and foreign transport because we have licenses and certificates that allow us to travel

•  Orders executed at a high level

•  Quality guarantee in every inch